That's Remote Life

How do you handle long gaps between posts?

Hello, I’m the Internets Jack Keller (curious if I could get that to take off 😅)

It’s been several weeks, I got caught up working on a quick side-project to list random things I don’t use, or have no more interest in, for sale! And in typical fashion I built a website for it using a framework I’ve been sort of building and refining in my spare time. It’s the same thing I’ve built this site off of but I’m refining it to be more open.

I was able to take from idea, to domain purchase, to deploy in a little over 4 hours working over the weekend! I’ve spent a bit more time here and there refining it of course, taking photos, and listing them. Over all I am really pleased with the result.

Pretty soon I’ll be creating some different niche examples and dropping them on a domain that I’ve held onto, and done nothing with, for years!