That's Remote Life

New Year, New Me

Okay, so not really a “new” me, in fact I’m the same guy I was yesterday but this year I hope to be more diligent in my pursuits. I’m wanting to lose around 15lbs. and cut back on the adult beverages (which should help with the pounds).

In addition, I’m really excited to move forward with remote working, and in the off time I am developing some pretty simple to deploy website offerings for folks that are interested. Here are a few ideas, but if you have anything you’d like to see be sure to let me know and I can adjust priorities.

  • Property Website for Real Estate Professionals/Landlords
  • Photography Website for professionals
  • Podcast/VLOG Website
  • App Store type of site

Each of these sites will be focused on lean design, easy deployment, SEO, and social interactions.

That said, have a great year everyone! Be on the lookout for my upcoming announcement on the above mentions!