That's Remote Life

On Slacking and Holidays

Just realized that I hadn’t posted in a while, I have worked on the site a bit but no wordthings being placed in posts, so let’s fix that! This week was ZOMG busy, Monday was a release, Tuesday I spent some time onboarding somebody to take over UX on the project, Wednesday - Friday mob programming.

Joined a fully virtual team, which was the intention from the start when I transitioned to remote working. The team is ramping up on a tech stack while they wait for the go-ahead for a new project. I’m not sure if I’m going to be on that project or not, I think so.

Digging my new team, a few characters and overall a lot of great developers! This should be a fun project!

On another note, I have started noticing changes in my kids since I started working from home fulltime. We’re bonding more and there is certainly less friction! In a few short days it will be Christmas and I have sooooooo many gifts to wrap, but I’ll manage.

Happy Holidays!