That's Remote Life

It's been quite a year so far

And it’s not even halfway over 😱 so here’s an update on how things have been going, and plans moving forward.

  1. There has been a pandemic, this is still a thing, and it has caused a few less than desirable things.
    • Homeschooling, trying to get through days sharing my office with a 2nd and 5th grader (over for now, but next school year is up in the air)
    • Masks, not so bad mostly but now that it’s getting hot outside they are tougher to deal with (BUT STILL WEAR THEM PEOPLE)
    • Shopping for essentials and the likes proves problematic in a handful of cases
  2. Murder Hornets, this worry seemed short lived because of what followed…
  3. George Floyd was senselessly killed by an officer while in custody
    • Peaceful Protests Began
    • Some rioting in certain cases / violence linked to potential hate groups as provocateurs
    • POTUS sends military in to combat citizens (very bad move, but expected given the POTUS to date)

This has left a lot of folks wondering ‘what next’

ಠ_ಠ do not provoke 2020

Best guesses, I have none, suggestions, I have few, hope, I’m clinging.

Be Human, Be Healthy, Be Safe!