That's Remote Life

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle while Working Remote

MOVE! No, seriously, just standing at your fancy desk isn’t a substitute for the office life where you’d roam about between tasks or to meetings so you could keep your step count up!

One trend that I found since making the switch to remote life is that my step count has decreased from an average of 10k to around 7k, which is a 30% reduction ☹️.

So, you need to remember different things to do to replace those steps, some people aren’t into exercise (this is me), but I found that just bouncing left-to-right and sort of “dancing” can help, I enjoy this even though the doggos and family thinks I’m crazy, or to be fair, crazier.

Diet should be easy, but you still want to keep your routine in terms of meal prep, timing, and location. I like to get away from my desk to eat, so I will eat at the dining room table some times, other times I might have a sandwich on the couch while dropping in on whatever show my wife has going (generally HGTV programming). It’s important to have a separation between WORK and LIFE, sounds cliché I know but it’s so very true.