That's Remote Life

Rants and Writing

Here’s where I jot my quick thoughts and talk about my life as a remote worker. Sometimes it’s less related but for the most part it’s all about that remote life.

It's been quite a year so far

And it’s not even halfway over 😱 so here’s an update on how things have been going, and plans moving forward.

How do you handle long gaps between posts?

Hello, I’m the Internets Jack Keller (curious if I could get that to take off 😅)

Remote Pairing for Success

Pairing with a fellow developer? Below I’m going to list some must haves to help encourage success.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle while Working Remote

MOVE! No, seriously, just standing at your fancy desk isn’t a substitute for the office life where you’d roam about between tasks or to meetings so you could...

New Year, New Me

Okay, so not really a “new” me, in fact I’m the same guy I was yesterday but this year I hope to be more diligent in my pursuits. I’m wanting to lose around 15lbs. and cut ba...

Staycation for the Holiday

With the holidays out of the way, and some free time, I’m taking advantage and tapping into my inner child. I’ve built a couple Lego1 sets for the kids, and one fo...

Holiday Hibernation

Taking the time off between Christmas and New Year, but I’m hoping to do some more reviewing of the equipment, software, and furniture I’m using.

On Slacking and Holidays

Just realized that I hadn’t posted in a while, I have worked on the site a bit but no wordthings being placed in posts, so let’s fix that! This week was ZOMG busy, Monday was...

Deadlines and Delivery

This week was one of the more stressful weeks in my current project, we’re pushing for an MVP release the following Monday and tensions are high on the team I’m supporting.

Short Weeks, Extended Weekends

Well, it’s been a short week jam-packed with project work. Seems like whenever you have a short week you tend to try to shoehorn a full weeks work into it, amiright?

Gotta get down on Friday

It’s been a rather challenging week for whatever reason, but I’m happy to say that I’ve made it through unscathed and am ready for the weekend!

Measuring Remote Engagement in a Presentation

Well, that could have gone better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Putting the Week to Bed

So we had snow this week, sick children, and a houseguest (a puppy named Archie) all going on.

Snow Days

Remote life is great, but sometimes unforeseen distractions can hit you by way of mother nature.

Week One Done

Well, week one is complete and things are already starting to feel natural.

Equipment and Desk Arrive!

Remote Life Begins

Today I started my remote life, I have worked for short periods remote but this is definitely more final.